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Cynosura is not a typo of Cynosure, in fact, it is the Latin root of “Cynosure” which means “the center of attraction”. Cynosure also means "a dog's tail", which is, indeed, also a "center of attraction". Dog's tail is the most sensitive and eye-catching part of a dog's body. Further more, according to the Encyclopedia Mytica, Cynosura is also a nymph from the Ida Mountains. She was a wet-nurse of Zeus and upon her death she was placed among the stars.

Cynosura Foundation is a “virtual” and not-for-profit organization devotes to promoting Science and Education. Presently our slogan is achieved through the implementation of following projects. In other aspects, it can be refered to as Cynosura Blog. Cynosura.Org is not, in any ways, affiliated with

On-going projects:

  1. Cynosura Virtual Course Initiative (CVC). This project is aimed at providing IT infrastructure and solutions to host online courses that will be made freely available for audience. There will be courses for higher education as well as courses for public education. Currently we have Ms Van Ha Nguyen (BA, USSH; MA, La Trobe University) takes care of the English courses, and Ms Thu Hang Nguyen (BA, Pusan University of Foreign Study; MA, Pusan National University) will introduce a Korean course for Vietnameses and a Vietnamese course for Koreans. We are looking for additional contributors to join this project. Project homepage:

  2. Community Library (TVCD-Thư viện Cộng đồng). Cynosura Foundation agrees to provide hosting solution and contributes in policy development for the Community Library, a place designed for Vietnameses to share their knowledge. This project is executed largely by two young men, Le Van Sy & Vu Thanh Lam and occasionally by myself. Project homepage: [This project is now suspended due to copyrights conflict. We planned a community that share knowledge, however, executing team turned it to be a place to solely share copyrighted ebooks. The project will resume once we set up a team that could stick with our primary objective]

  3. Oversea Vietnamese Researcher & Educator Network (OVREN). We are currently implementing the idea of establishing a network of Researchers & Educators who interested in promoting Science and Education in Vietnam. They are not necessarily be Vietnamese. This project will be implemented using the “Yahoo 360 network’s style” where I first will make up a network of my friends, then my friends invite their friends, after that my friends’ friends invite their friends and keep going. Join us early and create your own sub-community. Project homepage:

How Cynosura Foundation works?

Our work based on contributions from community. Individuals that are interested in promoting science & education may contribute by voluntary hours. They are not necessarily be a Vietnamese or Vietnamese origin. The Organization is solely for promoting science & education, we are a non-partisan & non-political group. All contributions with an intention to express political messages are not welcome.

Currently we do not accept financial contributions.

Contact Us:

Le Tien Dung, PhD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer & Webmaster & Editor & Writer & Cheerleader ^o^

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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