Sinh viên vs Nghiên cứu sinh

Written by Le Tien Dung on .

Question: What is the main difference between being an “undergraduate student” and “doing research”?
Answer: It’s all about learning how to ask your own questions and not look for answers to someone else’s questions
The most serious hurdle to overcome: Stop acting like a “student”

Exam vs Research

Exams Research
You are told exactly what you are looking for You do not know what you are looking for
You are given all the necessary data You do not have all the data, if any
The answer exists, is unique, someone already knows it and you have to figure it out or verify itThe answer may not exist, may not be unique, no one knows whether it exists or how to find it

Interpret …don’t just answer

  • Develop your interpretive skills
  • In research, unlike hwks/exams, we are not looking for “a”single answer which is the end of it
  • Usually it is hard to define an answer
  • In research we are looking for understanding which will leads us to the next question

Qualities you have to develop

  • Be responsible
  • Be a team player
  • Be proactive
  • Be aggressive-minded
  • Be prepared
  • Be trustworthy
  • Be persistent
  • Be focused
  • Be in charge
  • Be aware of your field
  • Be involved …You are researchers and not willing slaves

Again: It’s not about answering questions. It’s about asking questions

You have to master the process and not just the project

  • Projects evolve and often come and go
  • What stays with you is your ability to analyze problems and synthesize answers
  • You have to learn the process of learning
  • There is no textbook to teach you that it is trial-and-error and hard work
  • Dissect the problem and proceed to look at it piece by piece
  • Learn to speak other peoples’language (and I do not mean Greek …)
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