Meaningful feedbacks from VNKR Alumni

Written by Le Tien Dung on .

VNKRRecently we had conducted a mini survey among the former Vietnamese studens in South Korea, among with their answers, we have got several interesting comments about the experience of our Alumni while studying in Korea. We hope you enjoy reading this messages.

A person having been trained at Suwon City: I've spent 5 years studying abroad, including 2 yrs in Korea and 3 yrs in Germany at present. I appreciate the time in Korea the most impact for my scientific research. Perhaps I was lucky in a very good lab and very professional Professor. It has been always a financial problem studying in Korea, I guess. But that was there I have found my pure interest in science and Korean life as well. Such a strange feeling when I had hate living there at the beginning. But now I've always expected to come back to Korea someday. Love my Korea memories.

A person trained at KIST back to Hanoi then return again to Korea: The purpose of this program is really good, so we can gather together to make a network to help each other in this world... But, we should know who is the key contact of this network, or you should provide at least one reality contact(email) for us to discuss and have a further information ...

A person trained at KIST now a major R&D Institute in Hanoi: It is a good idea to establish Alumni group in order to contact former Vietnamese students. Please send relevant information if possible.

A person studied at SNU, now lecturer at an University in Hanoi: That is wonderful to keep in touch with other KRVN members as well as to participate in the KRVN activities hold by KRVN itself and its sponsors.

A person having been trained in Seoul but returned before getting a degree: I have decided to STOP studying in xxxxxxx Seoul and go back to VN (even i know that, many problems are waiting for me). After 1 year studying, I received NOTHING.... Work in lab 15h/day (no sunday, no holiday even Kr national day), Prof. gave no lectures, no semester exam, but good mark....hahaha

From a person having been trained at Korea University: looking forward to meaningful activities from this group. will try my best to make a small contribution...

From a person trained at Sunmoon University:Y tuong thanh lap hoi cuu SV o Han rat hay, mong rang moi nguoi se giup do nhau nhu khi van con dang song o Han

From a person obtained her Bachelor degree from Paichai University: Hoping to contact with students who have been studied in Korea ^^

From a golden card ITer: De nghi lam Survey cung nhu cac giao tiep khac bang tieng Viet :D