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Welcome to the "In the press" section. This section is to show off our traces in the presses, including what the presses wrote about us/me and what I/we wrote in the press.


They wrote about us/me:


1- Feeling at home at a foreign campus. This article (in English, wayback link, original link broken) wrote about the annual meeting of Vietnamese students in Korea during Christmas of 2003. The meeting was organized by me and my friends, members of KRVN-Online where I was one of the two founders. The article was published in Vietnam News, the official newspaper in English of Vietnam.

2- A cultural bridge of Vietnam and Korea. This article (in Vietnamese) wrote about the online community of Vietnamese students in Korea, which I had an opportunity to serve as a Founder, Administrator and Moderator since September 2002. The writer explored the aspect of the community acting as a cultural bridge between the two countries.

3- An overseas Vietnamese student scored 935 out of 990 in TOEIC test. This article (in Vietnamese) wrote that I was the first Vietnamese person who scored highest in TOEIC test at that time. To be honest, it was kind of luck, I did not spend much time preparing for the test, even the night before the test I was enjoying watching the final football match of EURO 2004. Many of my friends now scored much higher than me!

4- A life's plan. This article (in Vietnamese) is an interview expressing my commitment to public service in the area of Science and Education.

5- SOP & LOR: two key components of an application seeking for graduate admission and/or scholarship. A personal discussion with a friend, which eventually led to this article. Published in VietnamNet newspaper!


What we/I wrote on the news:


1- The story how I came to Biochemistry. In brief, when I entered University, I had no idea what major I should take, it was my Professor at Hanoi University who recognized my ability to be suitable to pursue a career in Biochemistry, she then invited me to join her Lab as an assistant and she became my first supervisor in Science. In fact she is quite famous and many students wanted to join her Lab. The article was written by me on the 20th Anniversary of the Enzymology Lab and published on Tuoi Tre Newspaper.

2- My view on how to improve the quality of doctoral training in Vietnam. It is not only how much, but also how the money should be spent in order to achieve the most. The article was published on the most prestigious online Newspaper of Vietnam!

3- My view on the issue of "National Key Laboratory". This article was published as a "Question from reader": "Are we establishing National Key Laboratory or Research Core Facility?" on Sai-Gon Giai Phong, a major Newspaper of Hochiminh City. In brief, my view is that, for National Key Laboratory, it is the Human resource that need the most investment, not the equipment.

4- An article in the news wrote about Selenium and its function in human health. The reporter (writer) did not have biological background while the expert who provided the information to the reporter looked at Selenium with "a single eye". Some fundamental information was incorrectly cited from scientific journals. My article was to give the accurate information. I also discussed the negative side of selenium in human health based on recent findings in scientific journals.

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