Cynosura Virtual Course - Call for contributions

Written by Le Tien Dung on .

In an effort to create an online resource to promote Science and Education, including public education, I have come up with an idea of the Cynosura Virtual Course (CVC) initiative. This will be an infrastructure that allow us to host any kind of study materials, which can be made freely available to public domain.

If you are (or soon-to-be) a Professor, a Teacher or an Instructor, we are pleased to host your teaching materials and make it available for your offline students (those who attend your classes). By doing so, our visitors also have an opportunity to be your online students. You will keep the right to approve the enrollment of any students through membership and/or enrollment keys.

If you are a visitor and find a course interesting to you, you are free to join us as a student. Study seriously, as we will have completion certificates for those who complete the course above the satisfaction level.

If you are not one of the above but would like to contribute to the development of this idea, you are welcome to send me an e-mail for further discussion. You can also show your interests by posting your comments below this article./.