Our website was attacked

Written by Le Tien Dung on .

At 7h00 AM May 13 2007 (Central time zone) our website was attacked and defaced. Few minutes after the attack, I was able to restore the website and consequently figured out the security blackhole. I believe that the site is now up-to-date ans safe from the same kind of attack. On may 14 2007, the hackers again attacked us at our sub-website Entertainment Center. All the attacked sites are now functioning normally.

Screen imageAfter my initial investigation, I believe that the attackers were teenagers who started learning how to be a "hacker". The attack was conducted using a "premade" tool by Iranian hacker(s) that relies on the vulnerable issues of third-party addons for Joomla and security blackhole in the 4images 1.7.2 software. By now I believe I have fixed all these security problems and the sites are safe from the same kind of attack.

The attackers were from Middle East or trying to make us to believe that they are from Middle East (Saudi Arabia), they did leave a message but it was non-English. These hackers are from the community and

Since we have no connection with these people, and our site do not contain any information related to them, I believe that they came to us through Search Engine (